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Since its creation, the Company has produced approximately 5,000 different toys. It started with wooden toys in the 1930s and progressed to plastic toys in the 1950s when the advantages of durability and ability to produce brighter coloured, detailed toys became apparent. The last decade has seen an increase in the toys incorporating electronic parts producing moving toys and pre-school gadgets such as phones and tablets. Throughout, its toys have maintained their whimsical nature, aimed to fascinate, develop, enrich and stimulate a child's imagination.

In 1993, Mattel acquired Fisher-Price, sparking remarkable sales growth in the international markets and through product acquisitions, including Thomas and Friends (2009). Disney toys are also marketed under the Fisher-Price brand including lines Frozen, Cinderella and Toy Story.

Husband and wife, Irving and Margaret Price, alongside Herman Fisher and Helen Schelle, formed the world famous infant toy brand, Fisher-Price; combining the names of the former 3 partners in 1930. Each contributed their own individual skill including manufacturing, design and retail to ensure the success of the brand, whilst sharing the vision and core value for their products to harness intrinsic play value, originality and strong quality products that offered good value for money.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest collection, forms part of the nursery products manufactured by Fisher-Price in the rainforest fashion. The theme is unisex, making an ideal purchase either pre-birth or for parents planning more than one child in close succession. The Rainforest baby and toddler range is also one of the few to offer parents such an extensive selection of quality products that they can mix and match between. Nursery items include a choice of bouncer, rockers and entertainers.

The popular theme introduces the natural beauty of the rainforest to baby with lush greenery, authentic soothing sounds, lights, and playful animal friends, including a monkey and giraffe. Adorning highly recognisable characters and endorsed with the Fisher-Price logo that lends to quality assurance, ‘value for money’ prices and synonymous as one of the most reputable brands in the baby industry.

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