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The Lamaze Infant Development System is the categorisation created by Lamaze, to group the design and development of its products. It is a three step model based on behavioural growth, the first being ‘awakening the senses’, the second ‘exploring and experimenting’ and the third ‘moving and doing’. The baby products are also designed in conjunction with child development specialists Dr. J Singer and Dr. Dorothy Singer; psychologists at Yale University.

Lamaze infant products make it easy for retailers to choose toys that are developmentally appropriate and most likely to deliver enjoyment and engagement with its color-coded age grades featured on all packaging. Most importantly, all of items meet or exceed industry and consumer safety regulations to ensure complete safety for every child. A brand representative comments, “Nothing is more important to us than ensuring that children's products are safe. We take our product safety responsibilities very seriously, and the measure of our success is the trust parents are able to place in our products, knowing that we're taking the right steps to protect children”. Retailers can be sure that the Lamaze range of nursery products will lead parents and children down a path of fun, healthy play and learning from birth through to their early toddler years.

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