Delivery of goods

Orders are delivered only in Lithuania. We do not introduce goods to other countries.


Delivery price in Lithuania using Lithuanian Post from 2 €. Delivery time from receipt of payment takes 2-3 business days if the item is not specified in a different delivery term. Lithuania Post is responsible for the postponed order. The Buyer undertakes to indicate the exact place (address) of the delivery of the goods.


Lithuania Post

By choosing the delivery method "Lithuania Post", the goods will be delivered to the nearest address of the Lithuanian Post Office on the order specified (therefore, it is necessary to indicate the correct address of the beneficiary). A leaflet about the receipt of the item will be thrown in the mailbox at the address indicated in the order, and the item will be picked up at the post office. In the absence of notification of the delivered goods, please contact the nearest post office of Lithuania immediately or with us. +37060560060.



Having selected the item -, you will have the opportunity to pick up the goods in Garliava, Kaunas district. For the withdrawal you need to contact the phone number: +370 605 60060 and agree on the location and time. If you do not, we will contact you and arrange for your convenient time and place of withdrawal.



By choosing the "Courier" item, your order will be delivered directly to the address of the recipient of your order (so you must specify the correct recipient and address, as well as the desired delivery time (hours)). The order is sent on working days within 24 hours of the payment received, and its payment from the received payment in working days is up to 24 hours, unless the delivery date is specified in the other delivery and the payment is made before 12 noon. Delivery of the order to the Kuršiu Nerija from 41 €.

For other shipping options, please contact tel. +37060560060.

The seller delivers the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the terms specified in the procurement process. These terms are preliminary and also do not apply in cases where the Seller's warehouse does not have the required goods, and the Buyer is informed about the lack of goods ordered by him.